Doctors have found a real tooth in the brain of a child

Doctors Medical center of the University of Maryland in the course of their diagnostic work has uncovered a real tooth in the brain of a child four months. Diagnosed with a special type of tumor (craniopharyngioma). The disease began to appear with increasing size of the skull. Information published edition of the New Track India.

Brain scans found the bone structure that replicates the human tooth from the lower jaw. Through the operation, the child had a tumor removed. It was located in the area of the pituitary gland.

Such localization doctors face for the first time. The mechanism of its formation is incorrect inception tissue during the formation of the embryo. Thus, the fabric of the tooth got in the area of the brain, where and began to develop.

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Today the child is in stable condition, his life is not in danger. Histological analysis confirmed the benign tumor and metastasis were excluded.

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