Doctors have developed a universal scheme of dealing with hangover

American experts emphasized that the common belief on the basis of which the alcohol saves from a hangover, is erroneous. Dr. Aaron Mansfelder of Medicine Center Localscope University made recommendations, which can get rid of a hangover right, writes

First - before the party, you should determine the maximum amount of alcohol that you intend to drink. Here Dr. A. Mansfelder recommends that men are the norm in five drinks not to exceed, and women over a three hour period in 3 of the drink. It also will be taking ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

During the party at the beginning it is best to eat fatty foods, and only then proceed to drink (fatty foods significantly impedes the absorption of alcohol). Drink slowly, and yet it is advisable to drink a glass of plain (or mineral, but without gas) water after wine glasses (glass) any alcoholic beverage, in order to prevent dehydration. Helpers will be here and supplements containing vitamin C.

After the party doctor Mansfelder recommends how to get enough sleep, not drinking alcohol and not get behind the wheel. A day later (the next morning) you can still take vitamin C, drink lots of water and engage in active training, because during the circulation of the blood is three times faster, and this suggests that it quickly passes through the liver and then the kidneys, thereby bringing the toxins.

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