Doctors have debunked the myth of harm gum

Parents often tell children that swallowed chewing gum, their body will not be able to digest, and that will remain inside for many years. But now doctors have debunked this myth about the dangers of sweet toffee, telling that chewing gum, as a rule, out of the body in a couple of days.

Chewing gum consists of chewing bases, sweetening components and fragrances. Yes, the basis of sweet treats stomach really can not digest as ordinary food, tells The Daily Mail.

Chewing the basis of a synthesis of elastomers, fats, various emulsifiers, resins, and wax. This combination of the stomach does not digest. However, the human digestive tract can and another way to deal with objects that enter the body. He began to push them towards the intestine. After passing through the intestines, the object will move to the exit, while the body does not get rid of it.

So, actually, even swallowing chewing gum, you can expect that she will be released from the body after 1-2 days. In addition, despite the difficult adhesive composition of gum, digestive system will solve the problem. Saliva begins the digestion process of gum immediately after getting gum in your mouth. Already in the mouth will begin the process of shell and sweeteners, but chewing basis will remain intact. In the process of pushing the tract to digest gum will try and internal muscles.

And yet doctors are asking people to be careful: after swallowing a large piece of gum, or a few toffees immediately, you will provoke the blockade. This is especially true for children, whose digestive tract is diametrically smaller than adults.

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