Doctors have created a cure unhappy marriage

Psychologists from the University of Nottingham has created a hormonal spray that can help quarreling spouses to make up after a fight.

The secret of spray surprisingly simple in its composition contains the hormone hugs" oxytocin, which increases the sensitivity in men and soothes women. Oxytocin is produced in the body itself, it increases libido and a sense of trust for your partner, this hormone is responsible for the emotional relationship between mother and child.

The effectiveness of the spray has proven clinical experiments. 17 couples aged 20 to 50 years participated in the tests. Each time was for 45 minutes to remember the conflict situation in the family, after which half of the pairs were asked to inject nasal spray with oxytocin, the second proposed spray with placebo.

The result showed that the spray with oxytocin did the spouses after a quarrel more friendly and helped faster to make up. Medical analysis has confirmed that the quarrel did not leave any traces of overstimulation of the nervous system in women, apply the spray. In men, the drug reduced the demands on their second halves and increased friendliness.

The doctors said that the injection spray twice a day increases sexual activity in pairs and strengthens understanding between spouses.

Now every couple who wants to keep his love and carry warm relationships through the years, should not be given to the heat of argument, and can use the "spray reconciliation", which does not allow spouses for a long time to swear and heaping insults on each other, and as a consequence make your marriage happier.

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