The doctors among all the summer variety has allocated three products with the maximum benefit to human health. Their regular consumption will help to strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

The first product – parsley. It can be consumed as a complement to the salad. Well to add the juice or puree of parsley in the vegetable and fruit cocktails. It is believed that this product helps to fight with hypertension, strengthens blood vessels and has no side effects.

Celery is another type of greenery, you should pay attention. Substances included in the composition of this herb, relax tense muscle fibers of the arteries. This reduces the likelihood of thrombosis, improves the flow of blood through the vessels.

Similar effect have tomatoes. These are especially useful in fresh form.

Scientists present examples of cocktails for health, strengthening the body. With hypertension, you can drink one Cup of broth from the berries of viburnum with 10 drops of Echinacea extract. With chronic low pressure useful green tea with ginseng, ginger and blackberries.

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