Doctors have called the most dangerous kind of athletics

Among all varieties of athletics it is the high jump with a pole is considered the most dangerous, because of high risk of acquiring severe injuries. And true, until 2003 they were the main cause of severe, not associated with the cardiovascular system or other diseases that damage.

On the subject collected little data, but one study in 16-year period was registered in this sport thirty-two unpleasant case. This thirty of them (ninety-four percent) were associated with errors when landing in twenty-two cases (sixty nine percent) athletes just flew over the area, which was covered with mats and in eight cases (twenty five percent) and they fell into a special hole for the pole.

In the end, the fall of one of the incidents resulted in damage to the spine with subsequent paralysis of the limbs (three percent), and the remaining thirty-one (ninety-seven percent) in hazardous traumatic brain injury. Of all cases, which was damaged head, sixteen injuries (fifty-two percent) ended in death, and after six (nineteen percent) victims were not able to fully recover in neurological terms.

In the new regulations is recommended to increase the size of the landing area, which is lined with mats, and marking sewing or paint the center. Solid surface from all sides and back shall be borne by the means of mitigating the thickness of 2 inches. The hard coating of the type of concrete and asphalt should not be on the surface. The gap between the landing zone and a hole for a pole should be covered with soft items. This ensures a reduction in the severity of consequences from errors in such a spectacular sport. The last requirement is not contained in the recommendations of the associations at College level.

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