Doctors from the UK described a unique case of deja vu

British doctors have faced the unusual case of deja vu, 23-year-old man. The fact that the pathology he has nothing to do with violations of the structural parts of the brain, and caused by psychological reasons, writes News Scientist.

DEJAVU is a condition when a person gets the feeling that he was faced with a situation, only what is seen in real life. Pathology of the 23-year-old man gradually progresses. If before such attacks was worried about it not often, but now they meet several times a day. Anxiety causes the TV, Internet pages, reading Newspapers. The situation worsened after the patient has tried LSD.

A full examination revealed no organic pathology. The brain of man is no different from the brain of a healthy person. Epileptoid plots was not found.

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Yet to explain the mechanism of deja vu in this case is difficult, as is the case with standard vu. Now psychologists are trying to understand how to save the patient from suffering and bring him back to normal life.

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