Doctors found out why overweight people often suffer from respiratory infections

A large body needs more oxygen. The average volume of air inhaled more on 7-50%, when compared with the volume of a person with normal weight. More air, more of the inhaled bacteria and viruses. In the end, overweight people often suffer bronchial asthma and respiratory tract infections, writes Medical Express.

The incidence of bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma in overweight children in 10-24% higher. The person with the second degree of obesity breathes of 24.6 cubic meters of air per day, whereas normal weight, this figure 16.4 per square meter.

Note that when obesity is often reduced immunity. This becomes a cause of frequent sickness. Weight predisposes to allergic reactions and bronchial asthma. When a large volume of inhaled air light filtered abnormally large number of bacteria and viruses, which, coupled with reduced immunity leads to frequent diseases of the respiratory nature.

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Scientists warn: special risk young children. The ratio of the volume of air per kilogram of body weight have more, which greatly increases their incidence.

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