Doctors dropped heart transplantation asphalt

Clumsy doctors from Mexico dropped donor heart on the pavement, when he was brought to the hospital for urgent transplantation.

The human heart was urgently taken to the hospital, a police helicopter, where it was handed over to the medics, who dropped valuable goods because of clumsiness on the road.

Media Mexico step by step told the audience about the journey of the heart to the patient, the whole country watched, will deliver a donor organ in time, as the rescue operation almost went to dust a few yards from the hospital.

The two met helicopter medics dropped the heart in the container out of the fridge onto the pavement. Dropped the package quickly picked up by hand and put the body back into the camera, leaving the land to lie packages with the saline solution.

However, despite the failure of the surgeon was not concerned. He told reporters: "It was a long trip and, although she ended a little suddenly, everything is good, the heart was well protected and was not injured"".

The transplant was successful and the patient's condition has stabilized.

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