Doctors do not recommend pregnant women to sleep on your back

As reported by the Western media, based on the information of researchers from Australia, women who during pregnancy all the time sleeping on your back can make complications.

Employees medicine argue that permanent sleep on your back can lead to the birth of a dead child, because sleep in this position reduces the amount coming through the placenta blood to the baby.

According to doctors, the most appropriate posture for the rest of pregnant women is to sleep on your left side.

In addition, Finnish researchers conducted the experiment, after which it was found that women subconsciously can affect the sex of your future baby.

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Work on the study of this issue was carried out for about 90 years, and ultimately the conclusions of the scientists say that the mother choose the sex of the baby in order to increase the level of evolution in the field of motherhood. The opinion of scientists suggests that a woman's body leads the careful control of sperm when they overcome reproductive tubes and affect what sex the child will be.

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