Doctors discovered a depression that does not respond to standard treatment

Psychologists rightly called depression a disease of the 21st century. This deviation is facing a huge number of people around the globe. The recent discovery of American scientists from the University of Michigan gave the public a special subspecies of depression, not amenable to standard therapy drugs.

Every third patient seeking help for depression medication occurred a significant improvement. Most often, positive dynamics was developed only after two or three courses. Scientists noticed that 5% of people are immune to drug therapy, which is not able to cure the patient.

Huda Akil, author of the study, believes that this phenomenon may be associated with drug resistance of some people. Often, the positive effect of the drug is observed only at the time of admission and after discontinuation symptoms gradually returned. It definitely reduces the value of drug therapy of depression.

However, the opening will allow you to develop advanced drugs that avoid the drawbacks found in the current line of anti-depression. The researchers plan to continue the search for new drugs to treat mental disorders.

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