Doctors denying the prescription, subject to administrative responsibility

Now for the unjustified refusal of the doctor to prescribe the right recipe can be a criminal investigation, and the doctor himself falls under an administrative violation. Amendments to the law will take effect next year, says the head of licensing and monitoring compliance with the mandatory requirements of Roszdravnadzor Irina Krupnova.

"In the administrative code, the punishment of the doctor not appointment of a medicinal product according to the testimony were absent. This collision is now eliminated, and is currently under consideration. From next year for doctors who violate standards of medical care, would apply a measure of administrative punishment," said Krupnova.

These amendments should make opioids more available to patients with incurable diseases. Note, this summer has been adopted the so-called "road map". This innovation speeds up the process of getting pain medications for common forms of cancer.

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