Doctors declare: bulimia for older women hidden enemy

The issues of weight, as a rule, are especially concerned about young girls and young women. However, the results of a recent study show that the problem, which is bulimia may occur in women aged 50 years and older, says the Agency The Daily Mail.

Scientists in turn claim that they are familiar ladies over 75 years of age, having just painful feeding behavior.

Cynthia Balik doctor from the University of North Carolina (USA) in total were surveyed about 2 thousand women. The results of the research S. Balik say the following: among the group aged 50 and older about 3.5 percent admitted that they eat enough to be full, to about 8 percent in itself caused artificially vomiting and 70 percent or more attempted weight loss.

Almost 2/3 of elderly women claimed that their figure was a reason of bad life. 79-year percentage figure has had a significant impact on the perception of itself, and 64 percent think about it daily. In the 7.5 percent tried to use drugs to lose weight, 7% heavily involved in physical activity, a 2.5% resorted to diuretics, and 2% used laxatives.

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27% of participants in the research had experienced suffering from obesity, 29% had overweight, 42% by weight corresponded to the norm, and 2% were underweight. 36% in the last five years actively practiced commitment to dieting. Daily survey myself in the mirror was subjected to 41%, and 40% several times a week were weighed. Overall, 66% of women were not satisfied with their appearance. Especially women cared waist (84%).

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