Doctors decided on the name of the disease, which is killing vapers

At the moment in the US were about 1.3 thousand cases of the disease, which has arisen as a result of the use of wapow. Lethal outcome was registered in 26 cases.As it became known, the experts agreed on the name for this "young" respiratory diseases and identified it as EVALI, which is the abbreviation for language translated to English means "lung damage caused by Smoking electronic cigarettes or vaping").Given the period of rapid spread of influenza, scientists urge physicians to examine more carefully the cases of persons who use VAPI. It is noted that SARS, the flu and EVALI have similar symptoms, but the disease vapers differs from them in that patients are often re-hospitalized.Experts in the field of medicine see the explanation for this is that the lungs of patients after treatment do not become stronger, and weakened due to the use of corticosteroids. In addition, many of the patients do not stop Smoking electronic cigarettes at completion of treatment.

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