Doctors debunked the main myths about pancreatitis

Every year the number of patients with diseases of the pancreas increases, and new methods of treatment commonplace pancreatitis do not appear. But rumors surrounding the disease and ways of its disposal mass. Scientists have tried to collect basic misconceptions regarding pancreatitis and dispel them.

The first myth: the body gets used to the tablets with pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatin and its derivatives designate as the primary means for the treatment of pancreatitis. These tablet need to unload the pancreas. Many believe that constant intake of enzyme will make the body "lazy". This will not happen because of the peculiarities of the pancreas. Once the medication is withdrawn, it will begin to synthesize the enzymes.

The second myth: plant enzymes have similar efficacy with drugs from the animal enzymes. Nor in some clinical recommendations have not written about the necessity of using plant enzymes in pancreatitis. According to all studies, plant enzymes are many times inferior animals.

The third myth: there are alcoholic drinks that do not harm the pancreas. Unfortunately, any liquid containing alcohol, and harmful to the pancreas and to the liver.

The fourth myth: high doses of enzymes dangerous to health. If a doctor prescribes a higher dose of enzyme, so the body needs it. Many people think that one pill will save you from chronic pancreatitis. In fact, this dose is not sufficient even to digest small portions of salad.

The fifth myth: medication to replace diet and proper nutrition. Enzyme preparations – only support for the digestive system. They determine the maximum of 50% of success in treatment. The rest is lifestyle, nutrition, healthy and unhealthy habits.

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