Doctors: anti-bacterial soap is harmful to your health

Experts do not recommend to use it every day. Despite advertising on TV, which talks about the advantages of antibacterial soap, for chemicals included in the product, lurks a hidden threat.

Researchers from the Commission for health claim: triclosan and triclocarban in antibacterial soap, alter the bacterial composition of the skin. Bacteria eventually develop resistance, there are pathogenic forms, can cause skin infections.

According to the results of other studies, triclosan and triclocarban affect hormones. The only type of antibacterial soap, which can kill all pathogenic microorganisms soap with alcohol. However, this method of disinfection is harmful to the skin, making it rough. The soap with alcohol typically use medics in infectious and surgical departments.

Scientists advise producers of antibacterial Soaps to review its policy and not to insist on daily use like household chemicals. Buyers should be more careful when choosing Soaps for the home.

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