Doctors and nurses overestimate their work

Scientists from the Academic medical centre in Amsterdam came to the conclusion that the doctors and nurses tend to exaggerate the quality of their services and the level of employment. The researchers analyzed data on 47 patients and interviewed 198 of the doctors and nurses, it was found that symptoms slaves of their patients was identified and recorded later than appeared. In turn, the group of attending physicians rated their care as high.

This means that doctors and nurses lack of critical assessment of its activities. The doctor should be able to identify patients at risk of serious complications in the shortest possible clock if soon they will need the services of the intensive care unit.

Doctors and nurses tend to appreciate their ability to detect the approach of a sharp deterioration in the condition of the patient and quality of care. However, studies of medical records showed that 60 percent of patients determination of the deterioration was detected with a delay. Also the doctors and nurses tended to overestimate the quality of the medical care they provide patients.

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