Doctors against birth in water - investigation

Birth in water have no justification for their implementation - such a statement by leading doctors. In many respects such births are a great danger to the baby and the mother. In this opinion agree obstetricians and pediatricians. There are many cases when the delivery in the bathroom ends with the problems with the lungs of the child, the newborn infections and genital tract of the mother, writes Live Science.

Despite the physiological reflex newnodename, thanks to which the child is unable to swallow water, do not forget that the biological mechanisms are not always. This applies particularly to premature children. During the birth process, the baby can swallow fecal matter together with water that is one of the causes of respiratory tract infections in newborns.

The above cases is the last stage of delivery. At the beginning of the process some doctors recommend women to be in the pool of water. Being in water decreases pain and reduces the duration of labour. However, when the first attempts a transition to a special chair for women in childbirth.

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