Doctors advise to reduce the amount of fried food for children in heat

Experts of Rospotrebnadzor advise parents to carefully choose the right diet for themselves and their children on hot summer days. Because of the heat wave is to reduce the amount of fatty foods, which are hard to digest. Recommendations are especially seriously need to relate to the parents of schoolchildren, tourists in summer camps.

During the heat poorly tolerated exercise, the body begins to work at the limit of their capabilities. Doctors advise to shorten the stay of the children in the sun, especially at lunchtime. You should wear light and loose clothing, drink plenty of fluids. Will fit any non-carbonated water, not very sweet compote, juice or tea.

Poorly digested in the heat of fried, fatty foods. Caution should be taken perishable products - temperature creates a near-ideal conditions for bacteria. Moreover, you must thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, which are so richly summer.

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Before a long hike, it is useful to look at the weather forecast. When abnormal heat such trips it is better to cancel. Mass gatherings should be held only in the evening in the open air or indoors with good ventilation.

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