Doctors advise to be engaged in gymnastics at work

Kevin Fenton (national health service, UK) advises to interrupt your work to stand or stretch, writes The Daily Mail. Just an hour in a vertical position can significantly reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Breaks required in the work, I'm sure Kevin Fenton.

Up to one third of men and 40% of women do not exercise at all, do not follow the standard recommendations of doctors - a 30-minute charging five times a week. Sitting on the chair is very harmful for the entire body. First posture suffers, then the nervous system, which affects the heart, blood vessels and other organs. Lack of exercise leads to obesity.

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For prevention scientists advise to stand at least one hour a day in the workplace. This will strengthen the back muscles, improve your posture and give the necessary rest. Standing position burns additional 0,7 calories in one minute and up to 50 calories per hour.

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