The constant vibration of the phone in your pocket can break the cycles of sleep and wakefulness, according to scientists from the Medical Center Wyckoff heights. In the study, they examined the state of health of 28 doctors practising during the third trimester of pregnancy, says Zee News.

Doctors advise to abandon the phone in vibrate mode pregnant women

The need to constantly be in touch creates additional stress. The majority of mobile device users, reflex is formed on a call. Each vibration causes the excitation that affects the health of the pregnant woman.

The study showed that the fetus responds to the vibration and sound of the cell phone. When the device is emitting a signal every 10 minutes, the child in the womb became more excitable, turned his head, opened his mouth.

Most children sooner or later get used to strange noises and stopped to pay attention to them. However, doctors urge pregnant women to abandon the vibrate mode on your phone and try to disable the device at least for the night.

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