Doctors advise pregnant women to communicate with the future child

Scientists from Harvard medical school proved that communication with the fetus in utero stage of development affects the language skills of the child in the future. Of course, this practice is used by almost all pregnant women, but until recently it was not clear how this process affects the child.

Scientists have gained 40 preterm infants and divided them into two groups. All children at the time of the study had to be in the womb. Within a month the children from the first group every day, listened to audio recordings of his mother's voice and heartbeat. The second group was listening to the natural sounds of medical devices and conversations medical staff. After 4 weeks children's brain scanned by the ultrasound device.

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Children from the first group of scientists have discovered more active development of the auditory cortex. Data can be associated with regular listening to the speech of the mother. However, you will need a number of studies to confirm this theory.

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