Doctors advise men to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent impotence

As reported by the source 9 News, after the age of 45 years, there are problems with erectile dysfunction and this can not be avoided. But if throughout your life to keep track of your health, take care of it, the arrival of this disease can be slowed down. It is known that after the onset of old age the risk increases by 11.3% per year.

Provided that the representatives of the strong half of humanity are committed to a sedentary lifestyle, drink alcohol, smoke, have heart disease and are prone to frequent depression, the risk of disease impotence is significantly increased. According to D. Smith, associate Professor of Cancer Council NSW, 80% of men aged 75 years and above, exposed to medium or complete dysfunction.

According to the results of studies involving 101647 men, it was found that the Smoking part of the male population, the chance of occurrence of dysfunction increases by 86%, if a man is sick obese, the risk doubles. 39.3% of men did not suffer from dysfunction. Unimportant problems were noted in 25%, challenges, moderate in 19%, full dysfunction suffered 17% of men.

The medical personnel asked that the men were involved in a healthier lifestyle and get rid of bad habits. Also it is recommended not to hide their problems, and immediately seek help from doctors, because they will be able to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe timely treatment.

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