Doctor, take the example of Shakespeare

Doctors can get a better idea of the connection of mind and body, reading the plays and poems of William Shakespeare, because he regularly used physical symptoms to show deep feelings of his characters, according to a new study.

Dr. Kenneth Heaton, a physician and expert on the works of Shakespeare, reviewed 42 of the works of the classic.

Heaton found that Shakespeare was much closer than the other authors of his time to the description of emotional States with psychosomatic symptoms such as dizziness or weakness, and blunted or increased sensitivity to touch and pain.

Shakespeare noticed that the numbness and other symptoms may be psychological in origin, much earlier than his contemporaries, says Heaton.

The researcher also noted that Shakespeare used the description of the coldness of the body and weakness, in order to transmit the shock - including "Romeo and Juliet", "Titus Andronicus", "Julius Caesar".

"Many doctors are not inclined to attribute physical symptoms to emotional disorders, and this leads to late diagnosis and inappropriate treatment," explained Heaton in a press release.

"Doctors could learn a lot from studying Shakespeare. This is important because the so-called functional symptoms are a major cause of total visits to doctors, " he said.

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