DNA analysis allows you to identify a predisposition to the music

Researchers from the Academy of Finland proved that musical talents inherent in man at the genetic level. In particular the talent involved a lot of genes. The hearing is determined by the degree of development of the inner ear and cognitive processing of the audio signal, writes The Times of India.

Audio analyzer consists of the outer, middle and inner parts. Features of the structure of the inner ear provide an opportunity to distinguish tone. Before getting into the inner ear, the sound passes through the auditory tube, middle ear and auditory ossicles.

The researchers conducted an analysis of 767 people from 76 families. People suggested to distinguish the sound of the height, duration and timbre. In the experiment, the researchers examined the DNA and sought genetic structure responsible for good hearing. It turned out that the third chromosome has a gene GATA2, which determines the number and activity of cochlear hair cells.

In the fourth chromosome was found five genes: PCHD7, PDGFRA, KCTD8, CHRNA9 and PHOX2B. Each of them influenced the development of the inner ear. The greatest activity in talent for musical instruments and singing showed gene PCHD7.

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