Dmitry Medvedev has described what awaits the Russian health care in the near future

The development of primary health care, Internet technologies in medicine, the creation of new treatment protocols and introduction of electronic medical records – are the main directions for health care in Russia.

"Investments in modern equipment, the largest in the history of Russia and the increase of salaries of doctors - a condition necessary but not sufficient to solve these problems," - said the Prime Minister. In addition, he stressed the need to create an accessible system for retraining of medical personnel.

"Actually, the right of choice and competition between doctors, and between medical institutions, is one of the important factors that make it attractive for the insurance model of health care. Not to say that medical insurance in all countries gives a perfect result. However, to judge its effect when it is not formally implemented. Yet to abandon the principles of health insurance in the government do not intend," added Medvedev.

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