Dmitry Medvedev: free medical aid in Russia is not going anywhere

With such statement the day before by the Prime Minister. The rights of citizens to free medical assistance should be fully respected. Every citizen should have the right to receive qualified medical services. Everyone, who will encroach on the abolition of the separate free procedures, Medvedev promised to "kick the hands and other parts of the body".

Free medicines – the concept is quite conditional. In Russia, mandatory health insurance consists of the budget and taxes legal and physical persons. In the USA and some other countries operates a system of insurance, where each citizen decides how much he is willing to spend from their wages for medical services. You can ensure yourself a full medical insurance including dental manipulations and a psychologist. It is possible to refuse insurance, then for each trip to the doctor would have to pay separately.

Dmitry Medvedev reminded that the standards of medical care in Russia should conform to the world. The authorities should monitor the health and protect the rights of citizens to receive qualified assistance in the field of medicine.

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