Dmitry Medvedev approved the strategy of development of medicine 2025

The head of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the strategy for the development of medicine and medical science in Russia until 2025.

The strategy consists of a set of measures for the development of new products and critical technologies. Creation of innovative products and their application in health care are the main purpose of the document.

To implement the above Strategy provides for the establishment of an action plan, which will allow the development of medical science in the country, on the basis of which will be determined by the government job for medical institutions. Also on the basis of his plan adoption departmental plans for them.

The strategy incorporates specific figures, to be achieved by 2025. Provides for the modernization of more than half of the scientific laboratories and all clinical departments, as well as bringing them to a level corresponding to the guidelines of clinical and laboratory practices.

The percentage of research staff under the age of 40 years is expected to increase by 8% and to be 33%. It is also expected that the share of innovative products that will be brought to market, will account for almost 10% of the number of products that are registered for the first time.

Also according to the Strategy envisages the creation of a modern centres conducting pre-clinical translational research centers, relevant international level, with bivariate and areas for clean lines, and when the 10 leading Russian Universities should be created clusters.

The parties that are involved in this Strategy are state corporations, managers of funds from the budget of the country, as well as other organizations that carry out research in the field of medicine with the aim of implementing the Strategy.

Participants in the implementation of this Strategy are scientific-pedagogical teams, scientific, and educational organization which also carry out activities aimed at the development of medical science.

On the resolution of the RF Government, before the first of April of this year, the Ministry of health commissioned the development of an action plan to implement the Strategy, and before the first of may 2013 year, on the website of the Ministry should be published in scientific platform.

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