Divorced women is 24 percent more than married are suffering from heart attacks

Experts from Duke University as a result of years of research found that couples who are married, the risk of getting a heart attack is much less than in those who survived the divorce. This publication reports Medical Daily. Moreover, women are more at risk of heart attack than men. The study involved 16 thousand Americans aged 45 to 65 years.

The study was conducted from 1992 to 2010. Every two years the volunteers reported their marital status and health. After 18 years, about one-third of them were divorced.

Specialists claim that men and women who have gone through divorce, suffer from stress, hypertension and depression. After analyzing the results of the study, it became clear that divorced women are 24% more likely to suffer from heart attacks than married women. After marriage, women still had a high chance of getting a heart attack, according to American scientists.

As for the men, after creating a new family, the risk of heart attack dramatically decreased. This may indirectly indicate that the health of men watching women.

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