Diuretics for edema

Due to the malfunction of various organs in the body or as a result of unbalanced nutrition is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues which implies swelling. Swelling in and of themselves can and harmless but persistent swelling ultimately leads to disruption of the brain. Swelling usually warn about the deterioration of the heart or kidneys, it is an important call to action. To prevent swelling, you need first of all to cure the disease that caused them, or to adjust the power, if it is the cause of swelling. But not always diseases quickly cured, and therefore there is a need to relieve swelling by using diuretics. Diuretics edema is the easiest way of their deliverance, but at the same time, uncontrolled use of diuretics has a negative impact on heart function.

Drugs for edema.

Diuretics are generally classified multi-level, they have differences on the principle and power of action.

1. Perhaps the most powerful diuretic is furosemide. This drug acts quickly and is commonly used as a diuretic when swelling of the face or swelling. Take it only in cases of emergency, as it washes away most of the nutrients from the body and excessive use can lead to dehydration.

2. Swollen feet best - diacarb. He is certainly not as effective as furosemid in contrast, loss of body useful macro insignificant. The duration of action of 10 hours, is activated after two hours from the moment of their reception.

3. Swelling of the eyes to use diuretics strong or moderate action is not necessary. There is a separate group - potassium-sparing diuretics, allowing you to save the content of potassium in the body, but have a mild effect. The most common is verospiron, is activated through a significant period of time and is effective up to 5 days. Folk diuretics edema.

In addition, drugs in the fight against edema are natural diuretics, get them from decoctions of herbs.

The list of natural diuretics:

1. Briar;

2. The leaves of the Indian;

3. Horsetail;

4. Bearberry leaf.

To relieve swelling will be sufficient to make a decoction with one of the above ingredients and drink half a Cup 3 times a day. Before you start the treatment by traditional medicine, you must consult a doctor.

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