Disturbed metabolism is one of the main causes of depression, experts say

With depression it makes sense to appeal not only to psychologists but also to other doctors. It is likely that low mood and suicidal thoughts can be triggered by the disorder of metabolism. So say psychiatrists at the University of Pittsburgh. The results of the work done, says the publication the American Journal of Psychiatry.

There are physiological mechanisms of development of depression. Approximately 15% of patients with this disease are unable to cope using traditional medicines. In these cases, it may help restoration of metabolism and the chelating agent examination person.

The researchers give an example. Depression of one of the patients was associated with deficits of bioprotein in the spinal canal. This protein is involved in the education of neurotransmitters. These compounds have a huge impact on the human brain. As soon as the deviation has been corrected, the patient started to recover and soon got rid of depression.

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