Dissolving stickers cleanse fruit

New York electrical engineer and designer Scott Amron put forward the idea, can completely change the function labels on fruits and vegetables. We do not pay much attention to the labels on the fruit, whether Apple or orange - although it often prevents us from, after removal gets in the trash, and adhesive residue, as if we were not washed, to us in the stomach. However, this label has caused the inspiration of Amana, Creator labels Fruitwash . As the name implies, the new label is dissolved when washing fruits, helps to remove waterproof wax coating, pesticides and fungicides, which can be found on the product surface.

"I never liked that label on the fruit, I thought that they could be more confusing than just display information about the product and can be difficult eclipseme," says Amron. "We buy, and eat my fruit. The label may not hinder, but to help us to clear them."

Currently, the composition of the labels kept secret. When exposed to water and friction stickers are converted in detergents. In addition, they of course can be removed and discarded.

"These labels will best help clean fruits," says Amron.

Currently he is trying to sell a 10 percent stake Fruitwash. The label, which is its intellectual property, as he hopes to appear on the market in the next 6-9 months.

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