"Disposable" sex is the inheritance of a certain type of people

Scientists have found that casual sex at the same time can be useful for enhancing self-esteem. This sex improves attitude towards life, reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. More sex as a means to relieve stress using male sexist, writes The Daily Mail.

This theory is quite scientific rationale. Scientists questioned 370 students about their attitudes toward sex. He was particularly interested in researchers by two factors: the number of random links and the degree of sexual desire. According to preliminary results, 42% of students were sexist. With them, the scientists continued to work.

In General, these people have high self esteem and low susceptibility to depression. Usually they live one day at a time and are typical extrovert.

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Some are faced with guilt after a stormy night. This scientists give banal advice: just drink less and be protected during any sexual contact that does not involve the conception of a child.

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