Dislocation of the shoulder joint - causes, symptoms and possible consequences

Shoulder joint of the person prone to injury because of its high mobility. Dislocation of the knee or elbow, wrist occur much less frequently than the dislocation of the shoulder joint, because the corners of their movements much less dislocation of the shoulder is a very common injury in a fairly active lifestyle and in different sports. Often this injury occurs in the case of movement of the upper part of the shoulder forward when the hand is turned out and placed aside, this so-called front shape of the dislocation, which is the most common and meet.

Many oshibochno think that a shoulder dislocation is small and completely reversible injury, however, very often such injuries can be more serious joint damage. The shoulder joint has cartilage - articular lip, which is a deepening of the glenoid fossa and acts as a Cup, in which rests the shoulder bone. Damage from the injury of the shoulder joint can cause injury and damage to the adjacent bone or known damage Bankart. Additionally there may be fractures of other bones and damage to nerves, tendons, and surrounding ligaments, and blood vessels.

Dislocation of the shoulder can be the following: a strong blow to the shoulder joint, the rotational movement of the hand with the application of force or a fall onto an outstretched hand. This injury is characterized by the following symptoms: sudden attack of pain and discomfort, as if the shoulder is not in his place, the shoulder joint looks different from the other joint, usually caused by damage to nerve or blood vessels of the joint, there is a stabbing pain, numbness in the hand, as well as bruising in the area of the joint.

For the diagnosis of injuries of shoulder dislocation should contact the trauma office for x-ray shoulder, to eliminate the possibility of fracture or set the type of shoulder dislocation. If you cannot seek qualified medical help you need as quickly as possible to make x-ray, after the return of the shoulder joint. Dislocation of the shoulder may be set by a medical doctor and should only occur under anesthesia or General anesthesia. It is strictly forbidden to make reduction of dislocation yourself, as this can lead to more serious damage. If there was a spontaneous reduction of the shoulder joint, it is necessary will address to the doctor to inspect and to exclude fracture.

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