Dishes prepared during cooking show, recognized as harmful to health

There is an opinion that the dishes prepared during the cooking TV show, are more useful than food sold in supermarkets. Many experts, including employees of the University of Newcastle, believe that chefs like Jamie Oliver, also known as "the Naked chef", during their programs should warn viewers that the dishes that they prepare, have a high calorific value.

After analyzing five cookbooks of the most popular leading culinary TV shows, such as Hugh Fernly, Lorraine Pascal, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson experts randomly selected 100 recipes. They compared the calories obtained from selected recipes with dishes, which are sold in supermarkets.

As shown by the experiment, dishes mentioned cooks are not very useful. Most ingredients used to prepare these dishes contain a lot of fat and rich in protein. They are practically absent having useful properties of the fiber.

According to estimates by experts, dishes from showmen TV cooking contain, on average, 2530 calories, while food from supermarkets contained 2067. Interesting, but none of the inspected dishes did not meet the advice and recommendations of the world Health Organization (who).

Professor Martin white, similarly commented on the situation: "most Likely, during the cooking gear there is a need to provide information on calories and useful qualities of cooked dishes. This can be realized by using the label in the corner of the television screen. The same should be done with collections of recipes ".

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It should also be noted that the entertainers insist that their food healthy and safe.

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