Diseases of the teeth, causes and prevention

Many diseases of the teeth may remain completely asymptomatic, but this does not mean that to notice them in the early stages it is impossible. Visit the dentist at least once in six months to be sure, what time to notice the problem and begin treatment.

Consider the most common dental diseases:

The edentulous. Violation of fetal development (i.e., no rudiments of teeth) can cause primary edentulous. Secondary edentulous may occur from injuries, dental caries and periodontitis. And if you prevent the primary stage it is impossible, from the secondary can to protect yourself, regularly visiting the dentist.

Gingivitis. The reason for the development of this disease may not be particularly thorough teeth cleaning. Accordingly, to prevent you keeping good oral hygiene.

The caries. The cause of tooth decay is usually the presence of bacteria in the mouth. And if it is not much developed, to fight with him following an intensive oral hygiene, otherwise you should contact the doctor.

The osteoporosis. The lack of estrogen, calcium, reception of some medicines can cause this disease. In milder forms it will be enough to increase the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, but if it's serious, consult a doctor and he will prescribe more powerful drugs, at the same time and will identify the cause of the disease.

Periodontitis. To cause the disease may be prolonged accumulation under the gum line plaque. Without dental intervention, it is not possible, because only a doctor will be able to clean you all the teeth from plaque bacteria.

Pulpitis. The most common cause of pulpitis is caries. The second reason is trauma. To prevent it, you can promptly contact your doctor. If the disease is already running too, sometimes need to seal the canals of the tooth or even to delete it.

Fluorosis. Usually occurs in children with excessive absorption of the other at the time of fetal development. To prevent its further development, consult a doctor. He will prescribe you the right diet and will help the teeth.

Ulcero - necrotic gingivitis. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, poor hygiene, and many other things can cause this disease. Accordingly, to avoid its occurrence, you need to prevent your body from all of the above.

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