Diseases of the nail - types, causes, treatments

The nails are thick Horny plate that protects the fabric of the bed of the nail from the disastrous effects of thermal, chemical and other factors. A healthy nail is a smooth, colorless, substantially transparent, slightly convex plate. Its pink color is due to the probing beneath it numerous capillaries. But, unfortunately, this healthy nails it is possible to observe not always due to disease of the nails, caused by various factors.

Very often the development of infectious skin diseases (candidiasis, pyoderma, tinea) are affected and nails. Sometimes, changes in nail plates occur even earlier than the skin is covered with a rash. This happens when the disease, alopecia baldness, eczema, red flat versicolor, psoriasis and other dermatoses.

Abnormalities in the structure and color of the nail plate may occur also in endocrine, psychiatric, nervous diseases, professional and traumatic injuries. Many diseases are congenital, hereditary. For example, a disease such as anonychia is a rare hereditary anomalies. When anonychia the person on one or more fingers completely missing the nail plate, it is noted and other violations of the outer skin.


Atrophy of the nails can also cause all sorts of deviations: redundant planes, krylovnot, concave nails. This disease can be congenital or acquired (the consequence of the disease that caused the violation of the matrix of the nail).

The appearance on the surface of the nail grooves, pitting or naperedodni istikamet, the fragility of their edges may indicate a vitamin deficiency. With injuries and inflammation of the ridges of the nail in its structure can occur trophic changes (for example, vrastania nail due to wearing tight shoes). If you fail to remove the agnail, this can cause infection, which will lead to the appearance of transverse and longitudinal strips, white dots on the surface of the nail.


Before starting therapy, the patient should undergo a thorough examination. The specialist should pay attention to the condition of the endocrine and nervous systems of the patient, his age, the possibility of systemic injury nails. Depending on the underlying disease treatment. In all cases, it is useful vitamins (especially vitamin a), as well as preparations containing zinc, iron, calcium. Can help to normalize the condition of the Polish diet, intake of beer yeast, thyroidin (in small doses). Locally you can also apply oil with corticosteroids and fatty creams, 20 % metronidazolebuy ointment. There are many home recipes and salon procedures that have a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail plate. Regular nail care you can give them a flawless look.

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