Discovery: the sound of the heartbeat when necessary, suppresses the brain

This statement was made by scientists from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne. According to them, this function needs the human body to the shared bodily sensations from the effects of the environment. The discovery will help better understand the nature of anxiety disorders.

The heartbeat in a human appears much earlier than the brain. Scientists have found that the nervous system thanks to its characteristics, can enable and disable the noise filter of perception of the body. As a result, in certain situations we clearly hear their heartbeat, others can't hear it at all.

The experiment involved 150 volunteers. People looked at the flashing octagon. During the experiment, the physicians using the MRI machine recorded the brain of the subjects. It turned out that the perception of external stimuli is responsible insular area.

It is interesting and different. If the image matches with the rhythm of the heart, the volunteers, the visual stimulus the brain is not perceived.

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