Discovery of the true causes of migraines

Danish scientists have established the fact that nobody has yet managed, namely: they have discovered the true cause of migraines. This discovery will greatly improve the condition of people suffering from the said disease. It should be noted that the new findings of researchers from Denmark contradict previous theories about the causes of headache during migraine. According to the old theory, throbbing pain that occurs during migraine attacks, are usually caused by dilated arteries, located on the outer side of the skull. A new study has shown that the cause of pain is different, namely: the nerve endings that are found around blood vessels become extremely sensitive.

The findings of scientists based on their study, which was attended by 19 women suffering from migraine attacks. Scientists have studied the MRI of the study participants, as a result they found that vessels with external parties are not expanded at all, but instead have a small extension on the inner side, and that is: in the place where you can feel the pain. This gave them a reason to believe that the cause of migraines is something else, and from this it follows that prescribed to patients with migraine medications completely useless.

Before scanning MRI women were given drugs against migraine. Scan results did not show any improvement in their condition, and this meant that the drug is inactive. This phenomenon has led to the fact that the pain occurs for a different reason: because of the increased sensitivity of nerve endings.

The obtained results of the study by Danish scientists from the Institute for the study of headaches are extremely important for understanding the nature of migraine, and to develop further methods of combating it.

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