Discovery: discovered the link between Smoking and alcoholism

Known fact: smokers consume more cigarettes when they drink alcohol. This phenomenon scientists from Medical school of the University of Missouri have found an explanation. They were injecting rats with injections of alcohol and nicotine. Nicotine, according to our results, inhibited the soothing effect of alcohol, acting as a stimulating connection. This tells Zee News.

Nicotine increases activity in basal forebrain. This explains why smokers consume more alcohol and people in the influence of alcohol dependence, smoke more cigarettes. The link between nicotine and alcohol aggravates the course of dependence, prevents to deal with it.

We will note, in another study, scientists from Yale cancer center and Yale school of medicine concluded that drinking people is much more difficult to quit Smoking. It turned out that to cope with cravings for cigarettes help phone consultation with an expert.

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