Discovered the relationship between sunburns and the wrong routine food

The scientists were able to identify quite a curious pattern: eating in junk time makes the skin much more vulnerable to the destructive effects of UV rays.

This conclusion researchers helped to make mice which were fed with violation of the established regulations. The result is the skin of rodents were subjected to a much more significant amount of damage caused by solar rays.

The main reason for this phenomenon lies in the reduction of the level of production of the enzyme XPA, which is responsible for skin protection from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, disruptions to the routine feeding of experimental mammals also caused substantial changes in the expression of approximately ten percent of skin genes.

According to Dr. Joseph Takahashi, balanced diet is an essential component of the defense mechanism of the body from the day's sunlight. Statistics confirm that about ninety-five percent of cases of melanoma and ninety-nine per cent of oncological diseases of other species is due to the influence of UV radiation.

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