Discovered hormone is the most effective drug for diabetics

Scientists from the stem cell Institute Harvard established the existence of a new hormone called betatron. According to their assurances referred to the hormone will help those suffering from diabetes people to live without insulin. It was found in adipose tissue and liver of rodents. It turned out that betatron increases almost thirty times the production of beta cells responsible for insulin secretion. Scientists were also able to detect it and in human liver.

Researchers do not exclude the possibility that in a short time found the hormone will be the only drug that will help people suffering from diabetes. Its effect will be that instead of multiple injections of insulin, which is necessary for diabetics, patients need only one injection butatriene a week, and in some cases, one injection per year. Another benefit of therapy with the use of this hormone is the fact that it is possible to avoid some complications, as the human body begins to produce its own insulin.

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At this stage, Harvard developers of the drug started cooperation with one of the German pharmaceutical companies from Hamburg, as well as with a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals. In the near future it is planned to start clinical trials of butatriene.

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