Discovered by neuroscientists new smell on the quality differs from the others

Scientists announced the discovery of a unique smell. According to Live Science, he was given the name "white". Essentially, it is equivalent to "white noise", as it mixed different odorous compounds. This number plays a decisive role.

According to neuroscientist from the Institute Weizmann Noam Sobel, regardless of the composition of the compounds, the similarity of two different compounds increased with increasing number of components of these compounds.

Scientists under the leadership of Sobel has assembled a group of volunteers who were asked to smell different mixes, some of which contained up to 43 components. The more components, the more difficult the volunteers were able to establish differences.

And the aforementioned "white smell" was called "Laurax" and invited the participants to Nyanya among other multicomponent aromas. In the end, most volunteers were recognized mixture as "Laurax" if it consisted of many components: 57,1% mixtures containing more than 40 ingredients, have been highlighted as relevant to this fragrance.

Scientists came to the conclusion about the existence of "white smell", but it characterizes not a separate component, namely the mixture. Saturation components must be the same with the compulsory coverage of the entire spectrum of odors. Volunteers are not able to accurately describe what they like "white smell". In General, it did not cause discomfort.

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