Discovered a mysterious disease similar to AIDS

Scientists have discovered a mysterious disease, the symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of AIDS. Disease to date has not yet been studied, but rather it seems that it is neither contagious nor hereditary in the family environment scale. The disease is like acquired immunodeficiency, in this disease the person in front of germs becomes defenseless. The average age of installed infected patients 50 years.

Research was conducted under the guidance of Sarah brown ladies of the American National Institute of Infectious diseases and allergies, together with experts from Taiwan and Thailand. In these two countries have the most cases of this unexplored disease. Almost all patients - natives or inhabitants of Asia.

Thus, the 62-year-old resident of the USA, of Vietnamese origin, had been suffering from high fever and inflammation of the bones, caused by infectious disease. She rapidly lost weight, suffered prolonged headache and dizziness.

Researchers found that for some unknown reason, the body of patients carries out the production of antibodies that block interferon-gamma substances that combat infection.

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On the basis of the first assumption, the disease is due to genetic factors and the influence of the environment.

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