Discovered a mutant gene melanoma

Australian scientists from Westminster of the Millennium Institute, covering medical research, claimed to have discovered a mutant gene that increases the risk of developing melanoma.

According to the report, Graham Mann, the principal researcher of this problem, the mutant gene, known as MITF, is more common in people who have a lot of moles, and a family history is complicated melanoma. Statistics say that the gene has approximately 200 thousand Australians. Mann says about the study that hopes to protect people at risk. "Our goal is to understand the mechanism of the gene, in order to prevent illness through safe medication, reducing the risk for people who are carriers of the gene," said he. The discovery of mutations gives the start of this research.

MITF controls the growth of melanocytes, the cells that make the skin darker after exposure to the sun. But if the gene is defective it makes the skin more sensitive and prone to sunburn, predisplay it to melanoma. Mann said that researchers continue to study the data of the genome, planning to identify more genetic mutations associated with melanoma. If scientists will be able to identify the mutation, then one day science will create a simple method of screening for people whose family was melanoma and develop drugs to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer . "This would allow us to reduce the number of melanoma," - hopes Mann.

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