Discovered a method of recovery of a person

Indian scientists have discovered in the eyes of a special kind of fat, as previously thought, was present only in the skin. The discovery could be important in slowing the progression of retinopathy is related to diabetes, a disease that affects the blood vessels and violate the blood supply of the retina, reports the Indian Express.

Scientists say that the cells of the blood vessels of fiber are long chains of fats that provide strength to blood vessels, preventing the occurrence of retinopathy. Opening commented the expert of the University of Michigan Julia Brusic, which confirmed the established close relationship of vascular tissue with tight joints that are part of the blood-retinal barrier that protects the retina against the penetration of large molecules.

As you know, diabetes is accompanied by increased levels of sugar and fat, causing imbalance of nutrients in the body and fragility of blood vessels and, as a result, increase the likelihood of developing retinopathy. The presence of long chain fats and enzymes protect the retina. Scientists continue to research, hoping to find out the cause of a positive effect.

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