Discovered a gene mutation for excessive hair growth

Researchers from the University of southern California in collaboration with scientists from Beijing have discovered a chromosomal mutation responsible for a rare disease, excessive hair on the entire body. The researchers hope that their discovery will lead to the identification of new treatments for excessive hair growth and baldness.

Men and excessive scalp hair grows on the body - face, including the eyelids. In 1995, scientists from Beijing followed the genes responsible for such a mutation in one of the Chinese families. After sequential analysis of more than 100 genes, scientists have discovered the insertion of the fifth chromosome to the X chromosome.

Scientists suggest that the insertion of superfluous DNA sequences in X chromosome includes a gene SOX3, which plays a role in hair growth. Scientists have not yet learned all palindrome sequence of genes, but inserted gene is completely absent in people with normal hair growth.

Previously, scientists argued that excessive hair this atavistic trait manifested as extra nipples in men and women. This information is contained in the genome, but muted.

If scientists can find a medication or another way to disable responsible for the gene mutation, the problem with baldness or Vice versa excessive growth of hair will be solved.

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