Disclosed one of the mysteries of chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by constant fatigue, reduced work capacity. Even for a long stay in this deviation does not help. One of the symptoms of chronic fatigue is confusion. Scientists at Columbia University has revealed one of the causes for this symptom. Data provided by the publication of Psych Central.

Scientists have studied the content 51 marker from the group of cytokines in cerebrospinal CSF 32 people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Also in the study involved 40 people with multiple sclerosis, 19 healthy people without visible pathology. Cerebrospinal fluid was investigated by ELISA. The level of interleukin-1 and most other cytokines in chronic fatigue syndrome was slightly lower than in the other groups.

In the group with multiple sclerosis, scientists noticed an increase in the level eotaxin. The study confirms the assumption of scientists. Most diseases involve more than one system, and the entire body.

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