Disclaimer dinner will help to keep blood pressure normal

Argentine scientists have made quite an interesting discovery, watching the hypertensive patients. It turns out the people who suffer from high blood pressure, dinner is generally contraindicated. Such opinion of experts came after he asked hypertensive patients to give up for a few day from food intake in the evening, according to WellNews.ru. By taking such a small sacrifice people with high blood pressure began to feel better the next day and during the night they ceased to suffer from migraines. In some patients, these restrictions were not as they drank water before going to sleep. Those people who followed a more strict "diet", and got rid of high pressure the next day.

According to the research participants, the greatest difficulty was to overcome the fear of hunger. It is a psychological barrier, and we need to overcome it to all those who like to fall asleep with a full stomach. If a person is task was not to eat two hours before bedtime, he was panic-stricken. But scientists insisted that the experiment participants not had dinner before going to sleep and overcame their fears. After a few days many of the participants became accustomed to not eating in the evening.

The result of the research work has proved once again the "Golden rule" of many nutritionists, who recommend that you not eat after six, or at least 2 hours before bedtime. This gives the opportunity not only to gain extra pounds, but also has a positive effect on the health of patients with high blood pressure.

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