Dinner with the family teaches children to healthy eating

In those families that have a tradition to gather the whole family around the table, children learn to receive the required number of fruits and vegetables.

This interesting fact was revealed by the research staff of the British School meals. It was attended by more than 2000 students from elementary schools London. Their parents put on paper the amount of fruits and vegetables that were eaten during the day. After that, the staff of the school nutrition asked parents traditions of their families, focusing on daily joint dinners.

The results of the experiment showed that children who every evening, dine in the circle of their families, receive 125 grams more fruits and vegetables than children in families where there are no such traditions.

The author of the experiment Megan Christian notes that this form of joint evening meal forms of child healthier eating behavior. In addition, scientists have also installed another interesting fact: children are eating more fruit and vegetables if they are cut into pieces.

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